Heavy Duty Watersports World

Heavy Duty Water Sports World

Heavy duty watersports world it’s completely different than the normal watersports. Not like surfing, diving or other sports. Full of Adrenalin and scary moments waiting you. Just get on the towable tubes and enjoy it. This kind of experience is very different than the other sports we used to do.

Get up on your feet and get your lounge on with the influtable watertubes, but be careful when you onboard. Don’t relax too much because you are into quite a ride, very exciting one. Heavy duty watersports stuff provides the perfect ride for up to 3-4 people. This tube not only will swing out side-to-side, but it also will rock forward and backward to keep things exciting. For a unique ride that will keep you on the top of your toes You can go with all professional watersports stuff. Or you can check other product in Commercial Watersports Stuff.

Every year, before summer do you think “what you should do this summer?” Or should you try something you did not try before? This is your chance to spend your summer time more effectively. All towable tubes designed for your safety and to give you more fun. With commercial towable stand like a skier, sit down, or lie down. You can do it all on this big towable thanks to its unique design, dual steering leashes, and multiple grip handles. Both the rope and the place to grip has been made of high quality materials.

Durable construction combines heavy gauge PVC bladders with a heavy duty watersports stuff, zippered nylon cover. The two sets of dual steering leashes give riders great control when riding the towable in skiing position. Heavy duty inflatable towables seats maximize comfort as you hold on through your lively ride. So get out there and start darting back and forth across the sea, lake or river.

Heavy duty inflatable towables consists of :

  • Airhead Blast 1-Rider Towable Tube features Boston valve for fast inflation/deflation
  • Tow rope storage locker
  • Double nylon webbing handles
  • Neoprene knuckle guards Reinforced,
  • internal towing system
  • Aluminum quick connect tow system

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